A jaded and broke New Yorker, accepts an offer for a fresh start in

Shanghai to follow in the footsteps of a free spirited writer with her name.
*Inspired by actual writings and events

Anna NYC Character Pic.jpg


Anna, a 33 year old filmmaker living in New York, is consumed by debt, the failure of her five-year plan, and convinced she has aged past the hope of an ideal husband. With nothing to lose, she accepts a flamboyant Chinese man’s outlandish offer for a fresh start in Shanghai.


Struggling with old narratives, she hates the city upon arrival, but a quirky Chinese housekeeper and Annabelle Mann (inspired by New Yorker author Emily Hahn) infamous for her free spirited lifestyle in 1930s Shanghai), inspire Anna in more ways than one. 


With Mann’s memoir as a guide, Anna explores the strange city with new abandon--emotionally, sexually, creatively, and like her mentor; adopts a pet monkey.


Just as she is convinced that Shanghai is her destined "wanderland", an American love interest offers romance and stability back home.  Will she give up the chance to live an untold story abroad to finally get her "happily ever after"?